A Brand New Me...

If you feel like you need to turn a complete corner with your business and your finding it hard to decide which direction to take it, or simply want to attract new customers to suit your business needs, then this package is for you.

Maybe you are a large company who haven't had a change in a few years and feel the need to keep up with competition.

This larger package is designed to overhaul your business' visual brand to give you a whole new fresh start. Designed to make your business look good, keep continuity when it comes to imagery, and most importantly make you stand out.

What is in the Restore package:

  • An in depth questionnaire about who you are as a business in order to be able to tell your story. This will help make the photos more bespoke to you.
  • An in depth questionnaire about who your ideal client is, focusing in on this ensures that you are targeting them easily.
  • A one-to-one consultation with Kristina to discuss what the best steps to take to help your business grow.
  • A tailored branding pack, including images and tips. This will be really helpful for future use to refer back to when making visual decisions.
  • 2 day photoshoot. The shoot will be thoroughly planned with Kristina in order to obtain the maximum amount of imagery within the time scale.

(This can be used back-to back or the second day can be used within six months of the first shoot.)

  • Your very own personalised 'Lightroom Preset', this is your brand's filter and 'look'. Having this will mean you can take your own photos for social media and don't have to worry about losing continuity within your brand, you can even have it on your phone to shoot on the go!

Price: £999

Complement this package:

Instagram feed design layout for 3 months (includes graphics tailored to your business' brand)


*Add on packages are only available if you purchase the package.