Elevate your visual online presence

Make a strong visual impact to form a clear identity for your business.

The world has never been more visual.

If you’re looking for visual branding that not only aligns with who you are as a person, but also tells your brands' story in the most authentic way possible, with the power to reach your perfect target audience with just one image, then you’ve come to the right place.

More and more businesses are realising the importance of an online presence but not all businesses are able to present their beautiful products and services in an unique and successful way.

We’re also in an age where consumers want to connect with brand owners and understand their values as a person as well as their companies'.

Investing in bespoke images that convey exactly what you and your brand has to offer is the most effective and powerful way to stand out from the crowd, helping you and your customer to understand your brands' value.

I am here to tell your story.


Kristina has been a freelance commercial photographer for 7 years, focusing on the 'documentary storytelling' aspect of photography. She prides herself on her ability to connect with people and create visual images to represent those who she comes to know.

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“Interior design is a very visual business and getting decent shots of my projects is so important. Kristina has been my go-to photographer for years. Easy to work with and always great results, she gets it.”

“Kristina really put my mind at ease and helped me to not only understand what my brand needed but how to visually achieve it. With her help I’ve been able to confidently advertise my services and gain new clients, knowing that my visual branding is beautiful, true to me and true to the brand.”

“I really enjoyed the experience of working with Kristina. I felt totally at ease and at home in her company - and the over all experience was a lot of fun! The photos have definitely made my website more interesting to look at, and I now see the importance of having professional photographs to represent my business online. Kristina has a talent for taking unique photos and I love her work.”

“Kristina perfectly captured photos of me and my business.
After a quick chat Kristina knew exactly what I was looking for. As a service provider it is really important for people to see me, and get a feel for my personality through the photos I share, and Kristina achieved that for me. The photos look like me; natural and relaxed.
I have been so pleased with the photos and the response to them on the Marketshed social pages has been fantastic. The best investment I have made for my business.”

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